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Wal-Mart must carry morning-after pill.

Many of you have probably already heard about this, but it certainly can't hurt to repeat it.

In January three women filed a lawsuit in state court alleging that by not stocking emergency contraception, Wal-Mart was in violation of a state law requiring pharmacies to carry all commonly prescribed medications in accordance with the usual needs of the community. They also filed with the Pharmacy Board, the body in charge of regulating pharmacies.

On Tuesday the Pharmacy Board unanimously decided in the women's favour, making Massachusetts only the second state to mandate that pharmacies carry the morning-after pill.

Wal-mart, of course, claims that they do not carry the morning-after pill for reasons of business rather than politics. They cite low demand as one of these reasons. Their argument might be convincing if this decision didn't appear to be just one in a series of anti-woman policies. Wal-mart pays women less, promotes women less often, and refuses to cover contraceptive medications and devices in their company drug plans.

Wal-mart claims that they will comply with any state decisions regarding the morning-after pill. We'll see.

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