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Sex on the Brain

A critical look at research and information about sexual health and sexuality

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There's an abundance of sexual information out there, new and old, and it can be so politically weighted, jargon laden, and driven by what sells that it's overwhelming. Even for people who want to be informed and sexually aware it's hard to make sense of things. Often the information we find is based on urban legend or a vague understanding of biology. We wind up with half-truths and misinformation about our own bodies, thoughts, and relationships when we think we're arming ourselves with information. That's frustrating.

This site is a response to that.

This is a critical look at research and information about sexual health and sexuality. It is an attempt to provide informed, intelligent, accurate information about information found in these other forums.

I have a bachelor's degree in psychology/women's studies and a passion for social criticism and deconstructing research. I have almost completed my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and hope to be working in nursing next year. This is my attempt to stay up to date on sexual information while and pass what I learn on to you.

I always encourage questions and comments and discussions. They keep me on my toes.